Writer. Mum. Magician. Inquisitive Life Explorer.

Under my wing I have a colourful toddler, tween, teenager, fluffy cavoodle and five spotty gold fish. At any given moment you might find me cleaning spaghetti off the walls, at the dog park in my work skirt, trying to resuscitate a sideways swimming fish, or fumbling my way through high school math (while not burning our dinner). There is no end to the number of hats I wear. Life is rich, messy, challenging and mundane. I do my best to meet each moment with grace, but sometimes I duck for cover (I'm only human, right?). When I get a quiet moment, you'll find me here. Sharing my experiences and philosophies on creating a life you love, as a working Mum raising a blended family. My ideas are grounded in neuroscience, NLP and ancient wisdom traditions like yoga and meditation. Many say they have goosebump moments reading my work; dive in and decide for yourself.

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