• Joy Carelli

Just Begin.

Updated: Apr 9

There is no right or best first step. There is no failure.

There is just one curious step, followed by another.

Plant the seed, then show up each day and nurture it.

My first words here, from my heart to yours.

And I don’t even know how they are going to flow yet. Because with writing, it’s just one word at a time. It may be strange to hear that I’m writing this without a fixed idea of where it will end up. Who would do such a thing? Write, with no idea where it is headed? Well, it seems I would. My life has taught me this is the best way. To just begin.

One of my greatest life experiences was the year I backpacked the world solo. Which all began with purchasing a one-way ticket to Thailand.

I didn’t have it all planned out. I didn’t know my exact itinerary. I didn’t know all the places I’d visit, the people I would meet. I didn’t know how get from one town to another. Or where I’d stay. Or how I’d communicate with people in countries where I couldn’t speak the language. Instead, I knew I’d figure it out, as I went.

Buying that ticket was the beginning of the adventure of a lifetime.

I would have missed some of the greatest moments if I had planned it all before starting. But, I trusted I’d be okay. I took a leap of faith and followed my curiousity. And it turned out better than I could’ve ever planned it to be. On that trip I came to realise how much I felt at home in nature. As chatted to fellow travellers, I discovered unheard of places to visit. That would have remained that way had I planned my entire trip before leaving Perth. But, I didn’t, so the door was open. So I walked 110km of the El Camino trail in Spain, climbed ancient glaciers and mountains in Iceland, traversed 10,000km in an overlander truck through Africa, summited Mount Toubkal in Morocco and stood at the top of one of the world’s most active volcanoes, Stromboli, watching it erupt 100m in front of I my eyes.

I met some of the most honest, genuine and kind people I’ve ever known.

I built life-long friendships. Learnt about cultures and places I’d never heard of. I experienced the depths of being human, found my voice and came alive.

I believe it turned out this way because I surrendered to the moment and met each day with my full presence and trust.

Which is exactly why I’m beginning the journey here in the way that I am. Writing in the moment. For this is where the truth lies. Which is what I believe we are all silently crying out for. I know I can only give you this if I write from the moment, without a rigid plan that dictates what I should say. If I map out every little detail, it won't flow.

One thing I’ve discovered during my time here on planet earth is this.

If there is something your heart desires to begin, but it seems too uncertain or overwhelming, then the best thing to do is just begin. Buy that ticket. Make that phone call. Say yes. Apply for that job. Have that conversation. For a seed held tightly in the darkness of your fist will never grow, it needs to be planted. It needs sunlight, it needs water, it needs to be nurtured.

Struggle arises when you try to figure out the perfect place to start.

To see all the steps before you begin. To know, with certainty, where it will end up. And if you do dare to begin, you may hear stories in your mind like: Who am I to do that? It won’t be good enough. I couldn’t really do it. It’s not for me. It’ll be too hard.

Don’t believe these stories. For they are just that; stories.

I have walked this path before and let these stories stop me. I cut the cord from my souls’ desire, tucked my gift away. The words my heart longed to bring into this world were trapped. Ruminating through the veins of my soul. Calling out, with no reply. Stuck searching for a home, never able to find a spot to land. My soul, withering away. Part of me hoped the nagging whispers would leave my heart. But they never did.

The fact is, my soul yearns to write. And I dare say there’s something your soul yearns for too.

For me, it calls me in the quiet whispers of the night, in the silence of a forest walk, as I sit and watch the sun slip below the horizon. It is always there, ever present. Knocking softly. Waiting patiently. Hoping to be heard. Now, I am listening. I’m answering the call of my soul. Just like I did when I bought that one-way plane ticket. I’m following my curiousity. It doesn’t matter a dime where this ends up. For I am always here. And when I write, my soul is on fire. I feel life pulsing through my veins. I merge into the wholeness of existence. That is all that matters. If held back any longer, in the safety of not beginning, I’d forever wonder: Could I have shared my writing? Would it have made a difference to my world, to my baby girls world? To the lives of others?

This time, I’m just starting. Right here.

This place will be filled with truth, love and wisdom. Practice has shown me that there is no right or best first step. There is no failure. There is just one curious step, followed by another. Now I’ve planted the seed, my work is to show up each day and nurture it.

I am putting my faith in that which draws my curiousity, not my fears and doubts.

As I continue to answer the call of my soul, I hear the next step unfold. An inspired thought. A thought I couldn’t have had, before I took the first step. For me, this is the joy and evolution that comes through present moment creation. The truth lies in this very moment.

If there is something your heart calls you towards, take that step.

Plant the seed, then nurture it daily. Begin.

Deep Dive:

Notice throughout the day, what draws your curiousity?

What fears are stopping you beginning what you know deep down you wish to begin?

Is there one little step you can take in the direction of your dream?


There is no right or best first step. Just a step.

Put your faith in that which draws your curiousity, not your fears.