Here are some easy ways you can bring  mindfulness into your every day life.

1. Pay attention to the sounds around you

Spend 60 seconds listening to the sounds around you. The rise and fall. Tune into the sounds close to you, then far away. Then let all sounds in. Clocks ticking. Birds singing. Rain falling. Cars driving. Planes flying overhead. Your breath.

2. Pay attention to your body

Do a body scan and notice how your body feels. Relax the muscles around your eyes, your eyebrows, your cheeks, your mouth, your neck, your shoulders, your back, your heart all the way down to your toes. Clench all your muscles tightly, then slowly allow them to loosen and relax.

3. Notice the colours and textures around you

Without labelling, allow your eyes to scan your environment and simply notice the colours, the textures, the shapes of what your eyes see. Aim not to label specific objects, see it as one canvas.

4. Go for a mindful walk

Take five minutes to go for a walk. As you do, focus on your breathing, the feel of your feet as they lift and step onto the ground below you. Focus on one sense at a time. Sounds. Smells. Colours. Feelings. 

5. Sit and watch your mind

Find a quiet place to sit and rest your body. Get quiet and sit in the seat of the observer, watching your thoughts. Do not get pulled into play, just watch them arise, pass through and fall away. Like clouds passing by. Watch with curiousity and non-judgement.