Mindful Ways

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This place exists because of my personal quest to find peace, fulfilment, aliveness and freedom from suffering.

Ten years ago, during a challenging time in my life, I became curious about these questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? How can I find freedom in this seemingly chaotic world?

After spending more than a decade answering these questions, I have uncovered many truths. Two years ago, when I gave birth to my baby girl, I wanted to share these insights. From the moment I first cradled her in my arms, her new baby smell filling my world, I knew it would be the one gift I would regret not leaving behind. Discoveries, from my soul to hers. Pointers to the way. The way that she, and each of us, can only find ourselves.

As I began to write for her, I wondered if it would serve others.

If it could be part of building a brighter world.

Because as I look around, I see so many of us rushing through life. Continually striving for more. Feeling busy, stressed and anxious. Disconnected from the truth of who we are and doing what we think we should do. Driven by unconscious fears, doubts and expectations.

Many of us are living for the promise of a better future.


We forget the present moment and spend our days ruminating about the past, or zooming towards an illusionary future where we think things will be just right.

Life has taught me the future never arrives. We are always here.


This moment is always your purpose. No matter how tough it seems, you are exactly where you are meant to be. You're never off your path. You may think you've lost your way, and that's okay. I’ve had tough moments and still do. But I've found our darkest moments can be our greatest teachers. 


There are no second chances and someday, never arrives.


This is the moment to begin. Everything is perfectly imperfect. I am blessed to hear the whispers of my soul. To have courage to carve my own path. Life is rich, messy, challenging and mundane.


My wish is these words point you to the truth that lies within you.

That they open your heart and connect you to that unchanging place within. That they shine a light on the way, spark an idea, a fresh perspective or a new way of being. Each thought forms one part of the same tapestry. One part of the whole. To live your life with presence, joy, connection and unity.

Live mindfully. With your whole heart.