Why should you believe anything I write?

Simply put - you shouldn't. Don't believe anything I write. Instead, read it with an open, curious mind. Take in each word, each idea, each practice and ask yourself: Does this fit for me? Does it feel right? Decide for yourself. Take what works and leave the rest.

I don't have all the answers and I don't profess to know the right way.

As you go along, remember I write for myself first and foremost. I write to work through the challenges I'm facing, to make sense of the world, to figure out how I can be a better human. As I wrote for myself and started sharing it with others, it seemed that people related to my work and found it helpful. Which is why this place exists.

So who am I? 

I'm a Mum, a wife, a yogi, a writer and a beginner sailor. I love sunny days, being in nature and reading nerdy books on philosophy, spirituality, mindfulness, neuroscience and personal growth. I've studied NLP,  energy medicine and I am a qualified personal coach and yoga teacher. I have a curious mind, a love of learning and I've been through my fair share of ups and downs. I started my first blog in 2013 and have been writing ever since.

What has life taught me?

The future never arrives, for we are always here. It's a trick to think that the future will be 'better' or that one day you'll have things 'worked out'. Don't live for the promise of a better future. Find it here. This moment is always your purpose. No matter how much it might suck, you are exactly where you are meant to be. Sometimes we have to let go of everything we think we know and meet the moment with curiousity. This is when we make our own discoveries.

Life is continually unfolding. Continually working out. It is not about finding permanent happiness. It is balancing both being and doing, constant and change, joy and sadness, stillness and movement, yin and yang. If we were in a permanent state of bliss it would cease to feel blissful. Only in the contrast can we appreciate it all.

My wish?

That something I've written here sparks a new idea for you. A fresh perspective or a new way of being. Each article forms one part of the same tapestry. One part of the whole. Dive in and discover for yourself.

Why do you have an owl on your site?

Owls seem to follow me around. They have long been a sign to me to keep on the path of writing. If I ever drop out of the practice, or am feeling a little off, guaranteed I'll spot an owl and hear the word write in my mind. It might be on the front of a birthday card in a shop, on a bag being carried by a child in the mall, on a key chain, a phone cover or in a book I'm reading to my toddler. They have become a bit of a totem sign for me to keep walking my path.